There are 3 main factors that determine the cost of a move:

  1. Size of The House/Office: The cost of moving a smaller house/office will be lower whereas the cost for moving a larger house/office will be higher. This is because the amount of materials and movers required for any move is highly determined by the size of the house/office.
  2. Distance: This refers to the distance between the origin and the destination points of the move. For instance, a local move within Nairobi would cost much lower than a move from, say, Nairobi to Mombasa. The fuel cost involved in such a move contributes greatly to such a move.
  • Sensitivity Of The Items In The House/Office: This basically means the fragility or value of the items in your house or office. Fragile and valuable items require more packing materials to ensure no breakages occur which may require more investment from your end.

To get the exact amount for how much your moving will cost, we may need to conduct a physical survey to get the above details from you.

To request for a survey, please call us on 0795 333555

We also offer the following services:

  1. Professional Packing
  2. Professional Crating Services for Export & Import
  3. Special Projects e.g. The Packing, Moving & Transportation of irregularly shaped items as well as items that may require Self-Loaders, Cranes, Refrigerated Trucks and other specialized Trucks and logistical expertise.

Yes, we fully insure any consignment we move and the proof of insurance with the details of the insurer and insurance details is freely given upon request. In the event that your items are lost or damaged during a move, Fushia Movers will compensate for the loss or damage of any items affected during the move.

We are located in Westlands, Nairobi. Specifically, we are on 6th Floor, Kenrail Towers, Southern Wing. Kenrail Towers is located next to 9West Hotel and directly opposite Movenpick Hotel.

This depends highly on the size of the house/office being relocated. For example, a regular 2 BR House would require 5 to 7 movers whereas a 3BR House may require 6 to 8 movers depending on the quantity of items in the house and how many floors there are to be covered at the origin and destination.

Concerning offices, a regular office with 5 to 15 staff members would require 5 to 8 movers depending on the quantity of items in the office as well as the number of floors to be covered at the origin and destination.

To ensure that your items arrive safely without any loss or damage, we employ the use of the following materials: Packing Paper: This creates a safe buffer on and between items to ensure there are no breakages during the move. Packing Boxes: Well-padded with packing paper, boxes ensure to keep packed items intact to avoid breakages. Packing Crates: These are used to pack fragile and breakable items and are used to also conserve packing space during moving. Tools & Equipment: These are the tools we use to disassemble the furniture, DSTv and any other items that may require specialized tools. Marker Pens: This is what we use to label the items with and where the items were located at to enable ease of setup at the destination. Masking Tapes: This is where we write the labels on.
This depends entirely on the size of the house or office being moved. On average, a regular house move would take 8 to 12 hours to pack, transport and set-up the new home just like the old one was, or as you desire the setup to be. On the other hand, a regular office that holds 5 to 80 people, would take about 1 to 2 days to complete the packing, transportation and setup at the new office.
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