SkyShift Move


SkyShift Move


Ken Adelakan is a West African national from Ghana who travels around the world for business. Every 3 months or so he moves from continent to continent for his strategy consulting business.


Having being new to Kenya, he didn’t know any movers who could help him relocate his household items to the next destination point at Cologne, Germany. A friend of his that Fushia had moved locally suggested that he gives Fushia a try to move him to Germany. Of specific interest to Ken were how we would pack, handle and transport his fragile Chinese vases as well as his priceless art pieces that he has been collecting on his trips around the world. Adelakan also wanted us to know how we would move, Samantha, his pet dog. Samantha gets moody any time she’s handled by strangers or if put in unfamiliar environments. The Fushia crew had our work cut out.

THE solution

In comes the SkyShift package, designed to move you and your pets like diplomats. Fushia deployed military-grade packaging materials as well as the Fushia zero-scratch packing standard to ensure his Chinese vases and priceless art pieces don’t get scratched, dented or dirty. To help Adelakan cope with the stress of relocation Fushia offered relocation counseling and coaching to Adelakan and Samantha, his pet. Fushia, through our counseling and coaching partners, offered Adelakan and Samantha relocation counseling to prepare both of them for their trip to Germany.


We offered Adelakan Sea and Air freight options but since he didn’t have any time constraints, he decided to have his items shipped via Sea freight. We scheduled the consignment to arrive in Cologne, Germany within 28 days and it arrived within 24 days. The Chinese vases and the priceless works of art arrived intact without scratches, dirt or dents. Samantha was relatively calm, during the relocation and arrived safe and sound in Germany.

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