Storage Move


Storage Move


Suzan Woyenka is a professional working with one of the international NGOs based in Kenya. Once in a while she’s posted abroad and around East Africa sometimes for several months at a time.


Suzan could not keep paying rent for months at a time when she was away on official matters. And it wasn’t practical for her to move with all her household items everywhere she was posted because the duration of stay in those areas was unpredictable. One day while our move consultant was talking to Suzan, she mentioned her predicament about having to pay rent for her Lavington apartment for months at a time while on official matters abroad.


Our move consultant introduced her to our SafeBox package where anyone, like Suzan, can store their household items and other valuable items and equipment or even vehicles for a fraction of their monthly rent. The SafeBox package Suzan chose reduced her monthly rental expenditure by up to KES 70,000 per month. Suzan says that she saves about KES 200,000 every time she has to stay away from her house for 3 months while away on official duty. She also doesn’t have to worry about moving her items to and from our storage because our MoveMate crew do all that for her.

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