SME Support/Special Project


SME Support/Special Project


George Nyanja, owns a printing business and wanted to transport an industrial generator with an 800 kVA rating from the CBD in Nairobi to Upper Hill, Nairobi. While moving Nyanja’s office, he asked if we could move his generator.


Being very heavy and sensitive, he needed a team with the technical know-how and capacity to effect the transportation of the generator. The generator had to be removed from an enclosed space and so had to be removed very carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding walls and fittings.

THE solution

Our crew physically assessed the location of the generator to ensure we could bring the correct self-loader truck or crane to lift and move it. On the day of the move, we deployed one of our biggest mobile cranes that could not topple over while being moved. We hoisted the generator on the truck and delivered it to Upper Hill, Nairobi.


The generator was moved and settled at the new office in Upper Hill. Nyanja’s technician tested it, connection was made to the office appliances and equipment and it was a light bulb moment for everyone involved in the relocation and moving of the 800 kVA Generator.

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